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The High Road School of Wright City

 wright city area chamber of commerce Aaron O’Neal (Program Director) got his start with Special Education as an Assistant Teacher inside a Catapult Learning Schools Program.  Until that point, he had no idea he wanted to work in Special Education.  After that, he doesn’t want to leave!  Aaron has had an opportunity to work directly with both the Academic and Language models as an Assistant Teacher and a Certified Special Educator.  When he was given the opportunity to become a Director of a new Missouri School, he could not turn it down.  It was there that Aaron cut his administrative teeth.  After two years of prosperous student growth at the High Road School of Boone County, he was given an opportunity to start a new school in Wright City, where he is currently the Director.  Aaron feels pride when thinking back to the students he has had the opportunity to work with, and he relishes the idea of having more students to work with in the future.  Aaron still cannot imagine working outside of a Special Education environment, even if his original schooling was built for General Education.  ‘A calling is not something you find, rather, something that finds you.’